Advertising Design Malaysia

advertising design malaysia

Surf Loft advertising design Malaysia provides professional ads creation services for magazine, newspaper and bunting.

Our team got the skills to create response-driven ads to increase the response rate.

Advertising benefits

Advertise to build brand awareness. The more people know your brand, the higher sales you may generate.

* Get known by many potential clients.
* Increase exposure would increase no. of sales.
* Advertising able to reach out more no. of prospect in short period compare to direct selling.
* Business brand/image.

Design features

* We create advertisement that works.
* Advertising design with special formulated marketing concepts and tactics to boost sales.
* Maximize your product selling points to outstand from your competitors.
* Increase your business brand/image.
* Special call-to-action tactics to convert huge no. of prospects into buying customers.
* Promotional concept that works incredibly on local Malaysia market.

Ads format (Malaysia)

Printing Poster
Banner & bunting
Digital Online banner

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Ads portfolio

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Cosmetic advertising


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