Direct marketing Malaysia

marketing malaysia

Direct marketing benefits

* Direct marketing enable business to measure the marketing performance easily.
* Direct marketing able to generate sales in shorter period.
* Consume only low amount of marketing budget.
* Direct marketing could achieve responses faster and work effectively on small medium business in Malaysia.

SurfLoft direct marketing features

* Up to 200% higher response rate than general direct marketing concepts.
* Convert huge no. of prospects to buying customer through our effective call-to-action and promotion concepts.
* Increase the confident level of your prospects to buy your products.
* Build localize direct marketing concepts that work in Malaysia market.
* Identify(or build) your hidden ultimate unique competitive advantage(UCA) to win over your prospect from your competitors.

Direct marekting - methods


Flyer marketing needs more than merely putting info. We create message that convince your prospects to buy your products/services.


Face to face selling a product to your prospects. Use SURFLOFT formulated direct marketing concept to increase the rate of success.


Coupon could be very effective in certain industry including foods, beauty, etc. SURFLOFT marketing concept maximizes your product/service selling points and triggers your prospect buying motive.


One of widely use direct marketing method. Your business need very effective direct marketing concept/idea to sell your product/business through email marketing.


Direct mailing could be to business with establish customer database. Use direct mailing to get more repeat sales.


To be effective, Tele Marketing must use short, precise and powerful marketing message to lead a prospect to sales.

Marketing solutions for small medium business

SurfLoft provides high impact marketing solutions (marketing concept + graphic design) that work effectively in local market (Malaysia).