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Top marketing tips for SMEs to get new customers and increase sales immediately. Growing a business is a mission impossible if you have no brand story, cannot reach out more customers and cannot convince them. Surf Loft marketing consultation for small-medium business (SME) including proper planning, branding strategy, advertising technique and various important aspects to help business success in marketing.

Marketing success = Sales success = Business success

Surf Loft has develop special formulated marketing program based on best practices to boost sales performance of SME. Surf Loft marketing strategy correctly position your brand in your industry and precisely communicate your product benefits to your targeted customers.

Marketing & branding consultation

Build a brand that your customers want to experience and increase your brand credibility immediately. Owning a strong brand help boost your business sales quickly.

Sell higher and larger profit

You need solid reasons why you can sell your price higher. It can be done by using our proven branding technique that work for small-medium business (SME).

Close sales faster

The key to close sales faster is not only how good is your sales team but how convincing your business is. We develop marketing materials such as brochure, website that pursue your potential clients to buy from you and we motivate them to buy now.

8 years of experience and completed over 200 projects

Have you wonder the different between big corporate marketing vs SME marketing? You can now turn to Surf Loft for impressive marketing model that have been fine-tuned and practised by some large corporate. Surf Loft with over 8 years of experience in advertising & design has the necessary skills you need to market your business.

Our clients ranged from multinational corporate (MNC), award-winning manufacturer, property developer, software developer to 2-persons company.

Most of our customers have seen immediate improvement to their advertising performance at the first month of engagement, if our customers can do it, we believe you can do it too. Contact SurfLoft marketing consultant at 03 7887 8688 to know your business potential.

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How do i know if i am qualified for this Consultation Program

Surf Loft marketing program designed to help SME business to create a convincing brand, gain more customers and increase business profit, but this program is not right for everyone. While the goal of this special program is to improve your marketing performance, we only select potential customers who fulfill certain criteria. Some of our consideration including:

1. Brand reputation
2. Product potential selling point
3. Business industry
4. and etc...

To check if your business is qualified for this consultation program, please call +603 7887 8688.


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"I am very satisfied with the work done by SurfLoft. They understand our requirements well and take great care in touching up the details despite the short time line. SurfLoft depth of insights and creativity successfully communicate and sell our brand effectively."

Mr. WM Tan, Director
Verity Solutions Sdn Bhd (Asia Pacific Leading Multi-vendor Service Provider)

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