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Top 20 ways to increase sales

Find out how you can increase your sales by 10%, 100% or even 500%. Best of all, these highly effect marketing tips need only very low marketing investment. Take action today and start to increase your sales immediately.

#1 Own a brochure

Brochure can be your "salesperson" if it done right. List down your product / service unique selling point, features and benefits in your brochure.
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#2 Mass volume flyer distribution

Flyer is usually a more simple version of brochure, it can be a A5 size flyer with simple details on what you sell, benefits and where to get it. * To improve the result, identify and distribute at the location you can easily find alot of ideal prospects (age, sex, occupation)

#3 Mass volume namecard distribution

If you can get 5 clients out of 100 namecard distributed, then big chance are you might get 50 clients by distribute 1000 namecard. Plus, namecard printing is very affordable nowadays.

#4 website

Almost everyone "google" online before make a purchase, it's necessary for business to have a website.
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#5 Social marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google + are some of the hot social network that might help.
* Yet, not all business will benefit from it.

#6 Submit your company / website to several busines directory (local)

Submit your company / website to business directory like Yellow page, Hotfrog and etc.

#7 Search engine optimization (SEO)

Hire professional to improve your website ranking on search engine. The great thing about search engine optimzation is that it's always easier to close a sales when someone who need it look for you.
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#8 Google Adwords

Promote your website only with Google Pay-per-click (PPC) service.
Google AdWords

#9 Loyalty program

Reward your customer with loyalty program. Eg. loyalty program used by many bubble tea business are "buy 12 get 1 free".

#10 Promotion

Promotion or limited time discount help motivate your prospects to act now or faster. Your promotion should always have a valid period to trigger buying urgency.

#11 Referral program

Ask your client to introduce their friends & family to you. Reward them with cash voucher if their friends & family become buying client.

#12 Exclusive membership

Make your top clients feel they are special when they are with you only. Offer special promotion, privillege or reward to keep them stick with you for long and buy more.

#13 Provide free consultation

Provide free consultation to new client help you to gain confident from them before making any purchase. It also give you opportunity to sell.

#14 Free quotation

Some buyers are hesitate to make contact. By clearly state "Free quotation, with 100% no obligation" can drive new customer to interact with you.

#15 Giveaway ree samples

Get to try out your products before making any commitment.

#16 Free tips

Get your prospects email contact or phone number. Send out free tips relevant to your business from time to time to stay them enforced with your brand.

#17 Testimonials

New customer often has no clue what can they expect from you, so testimonial from other client will speak for you.

#18 Networking

Join networking club, business seminar and professional associate to get to know more persons.

#19 Email broadcasting

Similar to namecard or flyer distribution, it help you to gain more exposure but online. Increase your success rate by using high impact email title that quickly tell what benefit you give them. * Beware of spamming will do more hurt than help.

#20 Contest

Slogan contest, lucky draw and giveaway latest gadget.